Huawei opens China’s largest global cyber security and privacy protection transparency center

Huawei opens China’s largest global cyber security and privacy protection transparency center

Huawei today opened its largest global cyber security and privacy protection transparency center in Dongguan, China.

Along with the inauguration of the new center, Huawei has also released its product Cyber ​​Security Baseline. For the first time, the company has provided its product safety infrastructure and management practices to the industry as a whole.

These actions are part of the company’s efforts to increase cyber security across the industry by involving customers, suppliers, standards organizations and other stakeholders.

Inaugurating the Dongguan Center, Huawei Rotating Chairman Ken Hu said cyber security was more important than ever.

‘As an industry we need to work together, share good practices and build our collective capabilities in governance, standards, technology and certification,’ he said, ‘we need to convince the public and regulators of the safety of products and services used on a daily basis. Yes. ‘

Over the past few years, new technologies such as industry digitization, FiveG and AI have made cyberspace more complex than ever before, he said.

Huawei has opened a new Global Cyber ​​Security and Privacy Protection Transparency Center in Dongguan, providing a platform for industry stakeholders to work together to share expertise in cyber administration and technical solutions.

The center is designed to share solutions and experiences, facilitate communication and joint innovation, and support security testing, authentication.

It will be open to regulators, independent third-party testing organizations and standards organizations, as well as Huawei customers, partners and suppliers.

GSMA Director General Matt Granrid said the current five-day and delivery of new services relies heavily on the connectivity provided by the mobile network and fundamentally on the security and reliability of the underlying technology.

Huawei has also released its product Cyber ​​Security Baseline at the event. In recent years, Huawei has built more than 15,000 networks that connect more than three billion people in 170 countries and territories.

None of these networks have experienced major security incidents so far, according to Huawei.

“This is the first time we’ve partnered with our security infrastructure, not just the main supplier, but the industry as a whole,” said Sean Yang, director of Huawei Global’s Office of Cyber ​​Security and Privacy Protection. We would like to invite stakeholders to join us to discuss and work on the Cyber ​​Security Baseline. Together we can continue to improve industry product safety. ‘


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