Information on the documents seized by the traffic police can now be obtained through SMS

Information on the documents seized by the traffic police can now be obtained through SMS

Would you like to know more about the traffic police documents? If so, use the SMS service launched by the Traffic Police today.

The Document Tracking System (DTS) developed by Janaki Technology to get information about the documents taken under control after the traffic police took action against the drivers violating various traffic rules has started from today.

By making the service provided by the Traffic Division more effective, comfortable and simple, keeping in view the convenience of the general service recipients, where to go to get the vehicle documents after using the technology from now on? How to take Chief of the Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent of Police Janak Bhattarai said that the dilemma will be resolved.

He also informed that to get all this information, the service recipients can go to the message box of their mobile phone, type Echalan space financial year space chit number in English and send a message to 34001 to get the information immediately.

The document tracking system sends instant pus messages to the client via mobile SMS, which will make the office information with your documents easily available.

In some cases, the traffic police hotline 103 will be busy, so the SMS system will be easy to get information, said SSP Bhattarai.

Though 45 traffic police offices in the Kathmandu Valley take control of the documents of traffic violators, the department believes that the service will be effective to ease the inconvenience caused to the drivers coming from far and wide as only 17 traffic offices can collect the documents as per the rules.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanam Deep Shakya, Assistant Manager, Janaki Technology, said that the traffic police was gradually increasing the facilities provided to the service recipients by expanding the technology and believed that the SMS service would provide more convenience to the service recipients.


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