Local government becoming technology friendly

Local government becoming technology friendly

With the acceleration of development and expansion of information technology, local governments are becoming information technology friendly. With the expansion of Internet access, local levels are becoming more information technology friendly.

With the expansion of internet access even at remote local levels, service flow has become easier. This is helping to maintain good governance.

Director General of the Department of Information Technology, Prem Sharan Shrestha, said that good governance has been maintained as the local government has become information technology friendly.

“Development of information technology has secured government data at remote local levels.” He said, “Employment has been created at the local level by promoting and developing information technology as an industry.”

The development of information technology has led to the development, expansion and promotion of education, health, agriculture, tourism, local development and other sectors at the local level.

In Nepal, which is geographically diverse, rapid development and use of information, communication and technology has helped in raising the living standards of the rural areas through economic and social development.

With the access of information technology, the citizens of the village have started using information and technology to the maximum, said the department.

According to the department, with the good use of mobile apps and internet at the local level, the local level is becoming information technology friendly.

The department has given impetus to the task of creating a single mobile app for all the local levels to make the local level information technology friendly. According to him, 688 out of 753 local level mobile apps have been created so far.

There are 134 in state 1, 82 in state 2, 118 in Bagmati, 83 in Gandaki, 106 in Lumbini, 79 in Karnali and 86 in the far west and 688 mobile apps have been created at the local level. The process of creating mobile apps at the remaining 65 local levels is underway.

According to Director General Shrestha, other information including services, programs and projects, acts, rules, ward details, important places within the municipality, emergency contact numbers and other information provided by the local level can be easily obtained from the mobile app. He also said that problems can be registered, public opinion can be expressed and two-way dialogue can be held to submit suggestions and complaints.

According to the National Federation of Villages Nepal and the Association of Municipalities, information and technology can be easily accessed from village to city using information and technology on village and municipality policies, programs, budgets, planning methods, regular performance work websites and mobile apps.

General Secretary of the Association of Nepal Municipalities Bhim Dhungana said that the development of information and technology along with mobile apps at the local level has made the local level technology friendly.

According to him, information technology including mobile app and website has helped to make the service accessible and easy for the service recipients.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has been providing necessary facilitation and coordination in making all the local levels information technology friendly.

The Ministry has made information technology officers efficient at all 753 local levels.

The Provincial and Local Government Assistance Program under the Ministry has been providing necessary assistance to provide training to the local level information officers. GorkhapatraFrom


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