Mobile Service Quality Test Report: Ncell Ahead in Voice

Mobile Service Quality Test Report: Ncell Ahead in Voice

Nepal Telecommunication Authority has tested the quality of mobile and data services in various places of Kathmandu Valley.

The authority has tested the quality of mobile service voice and data in Tangal, Handigaon, Sano Gaucharan, Buddh, Chabahil, Gaurighat and other places in Kathmandu.

The quality testing work was carried out from 12th to 22nd of last June. In the test, Ncell was ahead in terms of quality between Nepal Telecom and Smart Telecom.

In the test, Ncell’s call setup rate is 100 percent. Similarly, Telecom’s call setup rate is 95.71 percent and Smart’s is 94.52 percent.

All 3 service providers failed during call setup time. The authority’s threshold is 5 seconds or less, but no pub service provider has been able to meet that threshold. Ncell’s call setup time is 5.13 seconds, Telecom’s 7.27 and Smart’s 9.3 percent.

Similarly, Ncell’s call block rate is zero. In this too, only Ncell has met the threshold of the authority. If it should be two percent or less, Telecom’s call block rate is 4.29 percent and Smart’s is 5.48 percent.

Similarly, in terms of call drop rate, all the three service providers have met the threshold of NTA. If the threshold of call drop rate should be 2 percent or less, then all of them have zero.

In addition to this, the threshold of NTA is 250 ms in data ping bytes 32 round trip time. All the service providers have succeeded in meeting this threshold of NTA. Under this, Telecom has 90.8 ms, Ncell 195.89 ms and Smart 172.93 ms.

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