NEA’s action plan is to expand FiveG across the country by 2025

FiveG will be expanded across the country by 2025. At the 7th Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference, Purushottam Khanal, Chairman of the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal, presented an action plan to expand FiveGs across the country by 2025 BS.

According to Khanal, NEA will work in a phased manner for the development of FiveG in Nepal. According to which, in 2021, FiveG will be tested. The government has already given permission for the FiveG test.

The FiveG test will use the 700 MHz and 2.6 GHz bands. Khanal said that the FiveG test spectrum will be free for one year.

The initial deployment of FiveG will be in 2022-2023. At that time, 700 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum will be ready for FiveG deployment.

From next year, operators will begin building FiveG infrastructure. NEA plans to use FiveG commercially in major cities of the country from 2022.

NEA has an action plan to expand FiveG across the country by 2025 BS. By 2028, about 70 percent of the population will be provided with FiveG services. In addition, the development of MBB will be accelerated.

NEA expects the expansion of FiveG across the country to boost the digital economy. NEA has already completed the work of identification and planning of fiveG frequency and sent it to the frequency committee.


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