Nepal Telecom Galang has become full FTTH, service has also started in Karadibazar

PSTN to FTTH complete migration has been successful in Nepal Telecom Telecommunication Office Galang and FTTH service has resumed in Karadibazar.

Due to this, now consumers of Karadibazar can use internet, telephone, television and mobile data from the same wire.

Indal Yadav, head of Nepal Telecom Regional Directorate Pokhara, said that with the full migration of PSTN to FTTH, he could easily get the internet speed he wanted and helped in building a technology-friendly society.

According to him, Nepal Telecom has planned to bring consumers closer to technology so that there are no complaints in the service from the remote areas of the rural areas to the cities.

Guru Prasad Bhattarai, the city head of Galyang Municipality informed that the citizens are satisfied with the services provided by Nepal Telecom and said that FTTH complete migration will also help in urban beauty.

Similarly, Ravi Manandhar, head of Nepal Telecom Telecommunication Office Pokhara, said that the life of common consumers is developing with the gradual expansion of FTTH service and said that the service of Nepal Telecom should not be compared with the service provided by other private operators.

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