Nepali IT Startup Ringage in the finals of Asia Pacific under ‘Techfor Democracy Asia’

Ringage, a voice-based mobile engagement technology, has participated in TechForDemocracy Asia held in New Delhi, India last week after being a finalist (top 5) in the Asia and Pacific region of ‘Startup Tech for Democracy Asia’.


In the Nepali start-up company Ringage competition, Right 2 Vote from India for Voting, Safetuopen from New Zealand for Cyber ​​Security, Financial Incuse Company Smile from Singapore and Suarize Tough from Indonesia are among the 5 finalists.

The competition was organized by the IE Center for the Governance of Change team in partnership with the US Department of State, Microsoft, Observer Research Foundation and Voxen University. Dozens of applications from startups from the Asia region were submitted to the competition. Ringage is among the top 5 finalists behind those companies.

The competition was organized with the aim of promoting democracy and strengthening cyber security, increasing citizens’ access to technology, emphasizing digital, financial and political inclusion.

Ringage’s mobile engagement technology has been helping non-profit companies, private companies and other organizations send messages to large groups at once through voice messages.

This service, which is very useful for sending voice messages to a large group at once, has become very popular recently. The company aims to increase access to information to improve business, governance, health and education through voice message service.

Ringage issued a statement and said that they are very happy to be selected in the finals of the competition. “We believe that our mobile engagement technology can play an important role in promoting democratic engagement and right to information in Nepal and beyond,” the company said.

The company has expressed its belief that the achievement of Nepali startups in the competition will emphasize the increasing role of technology in promoting democratic participation and right to information in Nepal and Asia as a whole.

In the event, Dipesh Regmi, the founder of Ringage, presented a report on innovative mobile engagement technology and its use. He said that through Ringage, large organizations will be able to establish their reach to large groups of people.

He said that the company’s service has proven to be very useful for such companies to send voice messages at once in the language they need. He says that because of the same usefulness, Ringage reached the top final.

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