Nine days ahead of British billionaire Richard Branson Bezos

Nine days ahead of British billionaire Richard Branson Bezos

British billionaire Richard Branson is set to go into space nine days ahead of rival Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

According to Branson’s company, Virgin Galactic, he will go into space on July 11 if he stays in Spaceship to Unity as a mission expert with the help of technology and weather.

Bezos will go into space on July 20 in his new Sephard of Blue Origin. Both companies take tourists on short flights to sub-orbital space.

Branson will experience the astronauts and will train, prepare and fly the same astronauts as the future astronauts of the Virgin Galactic.

The company will use its experience and evaluation to improve the experience of future astronaut customers.

Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft is more of an airplane than a classic rocket, reaching very high altitudes and releasing a small spacecraft called VSS Unity.

The two will still be tested after the flight and the company plans to start commercial flights from 2022.


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