Now AI turns your heart tunes into music, use it like this

Nowadays, technology based on artificial intelligence has made many tasks easier for people. From writing poetry to preparing the best resume for getting a job, artificial intelligence is working as a great help in every task.


At the same time, AI has come up with a tool that turns the habit of humming songs in your mind into music. If you like humming tunes, now with the help of artificial intelligence you can create songs using any tune or words of your mind.

Google’s Music LM will do wonders

You can compose your own songs with the help of artificial intelligence. This AI music system has been introduced this year only in the name of Music LM. Like ChatGPT, users get the facility of text-based prompts in this Google AI system.

However, going a step further than ChatGPT, Google’s Music LM lets you combine text caption details to create tunes. That is, if the user has any kind of tune in his mind, it can be turned into music with the help of Music LM.

This is how you can sign up for Music LM

For Music LM, users must first join the waiting list. This AI model is available on the web as an AI Test Kitchen app.

If you want to sign up for Music LM, first you need to visit the official web page of Music LM page.

Here you have to click on Get Start button. For now, AI Test Keychain is only available to limited testers. After that, register your interest in the pop-up and click.

Then you have to log in with your Google account. After this, MusicLM will have to wait for an email from Google. Music can be created through text when access is granted.

As this AI is in high demand, it may take some time to get access to it.

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