Pocket’s Predict and Win scheme, 25,000 can be won by correctly estimating the Euro Cup

Pocket’s Predict and Win scheme, 25,000 can be won by correctly estimating the Euro Cup

Khalti Digital Wallet has unveiled the Predict and Win scheme. In which you can win Rs 25,000 cash and daily cashback coupons by estimating the result of the daily game of Euro Cup 2020 released through voting within the pocket app.

Anyone can participate in this scheme brought by Khalti Digital Wallet by voting for free. If the participants do not have a pocket ID, they will have to create their own pocket ID and verify the KYC.

Similarly, in addition to voting, participants can deposit at least Rs. You have to load 200. Also EURO2020 must be written in the Remarks section while loading.

Another 10 people who answer correctly will also get a chance to win a 50 percent discount coupon code every day.

To link the bank with the pocket:
१. Select your bank by clicking on the Link Bank Account banner shown on the home page of the pocket and fill in all the details
२. Then, the OTP received must be placed on the user’s specified number
३. Now after tapping on the Verify button, the bank account and wallet will be successfully linked

Shirish Shrestha, Brand and Marketing Manager, Khalti Digital Wallet, said, “We have launched the scheme with the objective of encouraging (Khalti) participants to make digital payments. Through this scheme, football fans will get a chance to win pure prizes as well as attractive prizes. We condemn any form of online betting and its propaganda.

To vote, go to, go to the voting icon in the booking section and you can easily do it in three steps.

१. Tap on the first Euro Cup banner
२. Go to the vote or draw below the photo of the country you want to vote for
३. Finally click on the Vote button and tap OK


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