Queensland State Schools Receive Major Investment for Digital Signage Upgrade

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Queensland state schools are set to undergo a significant transformation with a major investment from the Queensland Government. As part of the Every Student Succeeding—State Schools Improvement Strategy 2022-2026which aims to lift the performance of every child and student in the state schooling system, the government plans to invest over $5 million in replacing outdated wind-up signs. Additionally, schools are set to receive a $20,000 grant to assist with the replacement process.

The move towards digital signs is aimed at improving communication between schools and their communities. The new signs will offer real-time updates and display multiple messages simultaneously, a significant improvement over the current physical signs that can only display one message at a time. With easier updates, parents and students will be kept informed about important events and information.

The funding package, announced by Queensland Minister for Education, Grace Grace, underscores the state’s dedication to providing modern and effective learning environments for students. The digital signage upgrade is poised to facilitate streamlined communication, increase engagement, and foster a sense of community within schools.

Minister Grace stated, “The implementation of digital signage in our state schools will greatly enhance the learning experience for our students. By providing up-to-date, relevant and engaging content, this technology will contribute to a more connected and dynamic educational environment.”

Financial Support for State Schools Across Queensland

The $20,000 grant will be available to all state schools across Queensland and is intended to help schools upgrade to the new digital signs. This investment is a significant step towards creating a positive learning environment and improving communication between schools and their communities.

The grant is a clear indication of the state government’s commitment to improving education in Queensland. It will provide much-needed financial support to schools, enabling them to take advantage of the latest technology and improve communication with their communities.

A Positive Step Towards Improved Communication and Learning Environment

Schools across Queensland have welcomed the announcement, with many educators recognising the potential benefits of upgrading their digital signage systems. “This investment demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting our students and enhancing their learning experience,” said Jane Smith, a principal at a Queensland state school. “The new digital signage will undoubtedly improve communication within our school and help to foster a sense of pride and belonging among our students.”

Overall, the $20,000 grant, along with the larger investment of over $5 million for replacing wind-up signs with digital signs, is a positive step towards improving communication and creating a positive learning environment for every student in the state schooling system. The benefits of this change are clear, with schools able to provide real-time updates and multiple messages to parents and students.

Queensland state schools are embracing this change, as demonstrated by successful case studies at Esk State School and Emu Park State School. For more information on digital signage solutions and the range of products available, visit Just Digital Signage.

As Queensland state schools continue to adopt these innovative digital signage solutions, it is expected that the overall learning environment will improve significantly.

As part of the expanded digital signage upgrade, Queensland state schools will benefit from access to a wide array of digital signage elements, including interactive touchscreens, outdoor LED displays, and wayfinding kiosks. For more information about these products, visit the following links:

Wayfinding and interactive touchscreens: More info here

School outdoor LED displays: Read more

For schools looking to learn more about how LED and LCD digital signage can benefit their institution, Just Digital Signage offers valuable insights and advice on their Schools Insights page. Schools interested in upgrading to digital signage can also get in touch with the Just Digital School Signs team via their Contact Us page.

The significant investments made by the Queensland state government demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the state’s education system. By providing schools with the financial support needed to upgrade their communication systems, the government is actively working to create safer and more supportive learning environments for all students. As digital signage technology continues to advance, it is likely that schools will find even more innovative ways to utilise these tools to enhance communication, and overall learning experiences.

With this major investment, Queensland state schools are set to join the ranks of leading educational institutions worldwide, embracing the latest digital technology to provide a modern, dynamic and engaging learning environment for their students.

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