Realm Buds Air 2 and Buds Air 2 Neo in Nepali market

Realm Buds Air 2 and Buds Air 2 Neo in Nepali market

Realm, which is rapidly expanding its market in the world, has launched two new smart audio devices in the Nepali market, namely ‘Realm Buds Air 2’ and ‘Realm Buds Air 2 Neo’.

Both devices, which come in the second version of Buds Air, have been further upgraded than the first version, the company said.

To provide audio quality under the industry’s top tier, these buddies have been used in the world’s top 100 DJs, music group Chainsmokers and Realm Music Studios, with high quality carbon textures in diamond shape.

These two new high quality TWS Buds are based on NNC technology and can effectively reduce 25 dB noise and low frequency noise. These new versions also improve battery capacity, higher audio, design attractiveness.

Up to 25 dB Yes – Ability to cancel rumors is unnecessary – No problem solving

The Noise Cancellation technology, which is usually only available on expensive devices, has been brought to RealMe Buds Air 2, which is affordable even for the average user.

Realm Buds Air 2 and Air 2 Neo can do noise cancellation up to 25 dB and often solve the problem of noise by filtering the low-volume sound and removing the sound of other objects outside the original sound, such as airplanes and airplanes.

It uses R2 chip to effectively eliminate the problem of sound. This helps to prevent external noise by supporting the active voice.

It plays an excellent role for excellent computing performance, highest battery efficiency, more stable connection and high quality calls.

Transparency mode is an additional feature for both Buds Air 2 and Buds Air 2 Neo devices. By activating it, the user can hear the external sound through the microphone and can easily talk to others outside without taking out the earphones.

Both of these cordless earphones are equipped with a double microphone for sound pickup. These versions are much better now than ever before in the technology of reducing ambient noise and reducing the noise around them so that one can clearly hear what another person is saying.

Trend setting design

Air buds are also a fashion tool for modern youth. It is evolving into a more attractive way to listen to music, make phone calls or watch movies than any other device.

With a growing number of users, Air Buds represents the personality and attitude of the consumer and helps to make the personality attractive. Just as hats, clothes and shoes make the personality attractive, so do air buds.

That is why the company has introduced these two new versions of Buds Air 2 in accordance with the past experience and the needs of the consumers.

Buds Air 2 looks just as attractive and beautiful. Many features have been added to its design over the previous version. It is available in modern two tone color splicing design.

Available in black and blue and silver and white colors, Buds Air is very attractive. Its special shape and shiny texture make it a kind of style icon.

Both of these new versions have been changed from rod shape to bean size. Also, glimmer mirror technology has made it more attractive by looking at different colors from different angles.

Extraordinary improvement in every aspect

Realm Bud Air 2 Neo has been updated in all directions. It is generally usable for up to 28 hours and with ANC for up to 20 hours. Which is 65 percent more than the previous version. Realm Bud 2 has developed its capacity for 25 hours.

In addition, the game mode latency is 88 milliseconds, video asynchrony, latency in the game, disconnection and other problems have been greatly improved, the company said. IPX5’s waterproof rating is sought to be compatible with the Realm Link app.

Finally, ANC On / Off, Enter / Exit, Gaming Mode, EQ Setting Control, Intelligent Touch Control, Smartware Detection, Google Fast Pair and other features are also available.

Realm, which is becoming popular as a pioneering technology, is committed to providing its users with a more and better technology experience globally.

That’s why the company has unveiled Realm Buds Air 2 and Buds Air 2 Neo. It has developed active voice cancellation technology in a new and different way, reducing external noise and making the use of noise cancellation technology as a great way for consumers to collaborate with the world’s top 100 DJs.

In the coming days, Realm aims to play a leading role in the AIOT industry, focusing on the production of smart and stylish devices and investing in them.


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