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What started out as Oppo’s answer to Redmi has now become one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in the world. Realme is going even further by tapping into the accessories and AIoT market. Last year, we saw the company find success with audio accessories, wearable, and even smart home electronics. And now, it seems like Realme is getting ready to launch a laptop.

Realme Laptop Rumors Roundup:

Realme recently conducted a survey among its users on their laptop preferences via the company’s official community forum and app. The post mentions that the survey is being conducted as the brand has received a huge number of requests for laptops from users.

Realme Laptop Preferences Survey Cover

Through the survey, Realme is trying to figure out the market demand for such products. The questionnaire asks users about the most and the least important features in a laptop and the workload for which the participants use their laptop. It also asks people if they plan to upgrade their laptops in the coming months along with the price they are comfortable with.

Deductions from the questionnaire

Based on the questions asked in the survey, it is safe to say that if Realme does launch a laptop, it will likely be a notebook priced between INR 30,000 and INR 50,000. This could easily be an entry-level Ultrabook that will compete against Mi Notebook 14 lineup which is available in the same price range. After all, Realme going against Redmi should not be a surprise to anyone.

Research and Development

Brands like Redmi, Poco, and Realme have been offering their products at competitive prices because of their shared resources for R&D with their sister companies. However, none of the brands under the BBK Electronics umbrella have launched laptops in the past.

Thus, Realme will have to work from scratch if it is to launch any notebook. Alternatively, it can also partner with an ODM (Original Design Manufacturers) to keep the cost down.

Realme Laptop Expected Launch

Back in January, Indian leaker Mukul Sharma tweeted that Realme could launch a laptop in June 2021. However, that looks unlikely now. Still, if the survey is any indication, Realme could launch a laptop within the next three months.

Rumored Laptop ModelExpected Launch Date
Realme LaptopQ3, 2021
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