Remittances can now be sent to Isewa Wallet from Rhea Money Transfer

Remittances can now be sent to Isewa Wallet from Rhea Money Transfer

Remittance Payment Agreement has been signed between Rhea Money Transfer, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc., the world’s leading remittance service provider, and Iseva Money Transfer, a sister company of FvanSoft.

With this agreement, Nepalis will be able to easily send remittances to Isewa Wallet from more than 475,000 locations in 160 countries of the world.

The agreement further supports Rhea Money Transfer’s efforts to make digital payments of remittances worldwide and further recognizes the growing importance of digital remittance services.

It is believed that this will greatly help in the field of remittances in countries like Nepal where the ‘digital payment ecosystem’ is rapidly being built. Riya will now have access to more than 4.2 million customers of Isewa, Nepal’s first and leading digital wallet service provider.

Shaun Fielder, Global CEO of Rhea Money Transfer, said that he was excited to partner with Isewa Money Transfer in Nepal.

“Our partnership will bring new opportunities to the region and help us continue our commitment to support the migrant community through accessible, convenient and affordable remittance services,” he said.

Bishwas Dhakal, Chairman, FWAN Soft International, said that partnering with the world’s leading companies in international remittances has been a milestone in our journey to build a sustainable digital payment ecosystem in Nepal since 2009.

“We will continue to work to reduce the cost of sending remittances to Nepalis around the world, not only to provide alternative payment services and greater access to financial services,” he added.

Isewa Money Transfer has been remitting remittances to Isewa wallet users and more than 65 bank accounts through traditional methods and digital means.

Isewa Money Transfer has been providing remittance payment services to its customers through more than 8000 agent networks.

It is also a sister company of FWAN Soft Group, which has been empowering more than one million people and more than one lakh organizations across the country through FinTech-based payment services, with Isewa Money Transfer approved by Nepal Rastra Bank in 2019.


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