Restart the mobile IMEI number registration system online, register as follows

Restart the mobile IMEI number registration system online, register as follows

The system of registering IMEI number of mobile has started to run online. The service, which was disrupted some time ago, has been resumed by the Telecommunications Authority.

NEA is bringing Mobile Management Device System (MDMS) into operation from July 20. After the implementation of this system, the IMEI number of all mobiles entering Nepal should be registered. If not registered, such mobiles will not work.

This system will not be fully implemented now. It may take 2-3 months for the international flights to be fully implemented due to the ban.

Therefore, NEA will now start preliminary work from the National Information Technology Center. In which the information of the mobile entering Nepal will be kept.

According to NEA chairperson Purushottam Khanal, the implementation of MDMS will start from July 20, but it will not be implemented all at once.

“We will continue to implement it in a phased manner,” says Khanal.

Sub-section 4 of Section 3 of the Mobile Device Management System-2075, a regulation made for the management of mobile sets, has a provision that unregistered mobiles will be shut down after 6 months of MDMS operation.

Accordingly, unregistered mobile phones cannot be switched off from July 1. It is clearly mentioned that the implementation period will be 6 months.

According to Khanal, all listings will be done during this period, information will be given to mobile importers, mobile importers and customs revenue will be given access. It will also have to cooperate with telecommunication service providers.

Even if the current mobile phone has not been switched off since July 20, if it is not registered, then the IMEI number of the mobile should be registered.

Here’s how to register

Initially to register the IMEI number of the mobile online click here Do it Then you can register by clicking on Individual and entering the required details.

Also you click here You can find out if your IMEI number is registered or not. If not registered, you need to register. Dial * # 06 # to know the IMEI number of your mobile.

When dialing this, the mobile supports only one SIM and shows only one IMEI number. If there are 2 IMEI numbers, both the numbers have to be registered with NEA.


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