Russia has fined Google 82,000 for failing to remove unethical content

The Russian government has fined Google 82,000 for failing to remove unethical content. Google has been fined for refusing to delete Macau’s online content.

The Roscommonador Internet Commission gave Google a 24-hour ultimatum to remove 26,000 content that Russia had classified as unethical.

Google also said it would pay a penalty of 10 percent of its annual revenue if it did not comply.

According to Reuters, Roskomnadzor has also fined Google डलर 27,200 for allegedly interfering in administrative matters.

There have been protests in Russia since the arrest of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny earlier this year, with Moscow accusing Google, Facebook, Twitter and other sites of bringing content that encourages children to join the movement.

According to Roscomnadzor, Twitter encourages children to use abusive material, use drugs and commit suicide. Russia’s final decision for Google is yet to come.


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