Sagun’s strategic partnership with American company Exemplar

Sagun’s strategic partnership with American company Exemplar

Social e-commerce company Sagun has recently entered into a strategic partnership with American company Exemplar LLC. The news has recently been published in various financial sector magazines including Yahoo Finance and AP News.

In a press release issued by Exemplar, Katherine Brand, Managing Director of the company, said, “We support start-up companies working in the field of technology to bring about new changes in existing industries and markets. We have formed a strategic partnership with Sagun as a company with high potential in the field of technology.

Govind Giri, founder of Sagun, said in a request for clarification on the partnership with Exemplar Company, “Sagun has been working since its inception by forming a team for research and product development in India and user and business growth in Nepal.”

He said Sagun has partnered with American company Exempler to build a team that can easily compete in the international market and contribute to high-quality corporate management.

According to him, the partnership with Exemplar Company is a strategic extension of Sagun, from which Sagun will receive international support in the areas of legal services, management, third party partnerships and capital growth.

“So Sagun has taken the partnership with Exemplar Company as its expanded team,” he said.

According to Exemplar Company, the group members of this company related to Sagun have 15 to 25 years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency, social media, e-commerce and others.

He has completed advanced studies from Harvard University, LA University, Thunderbird University and other top universities in the United States.

These team members have experience raising एक 1.6 billion for companies like Sagun.

Exemplar also has offices in 10 major US cities, including Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston. रासस


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