Smart Telecom extended again to pay dues

Smart Telecom extended again to pay dues

The government has again extended the deadline to pay the arrears to private sector telecom service provider Smart Telecom.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on July 12 has extended the deadline by six months to pay the outstanding amount to the company.

Earlier, the company was given time to pay the amount till mid-July and again requested for extension without paying the amount. As per the request of the company, the time for payment has been given till mid-December.

According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, a letter of extension of six months was received from the Ministry on July 12, said NEA spokesperson Santosh Poudel. According to him, the company will have to submit the progress report of each month to the authority after the extension.

Based on the details submitted by the company, NEA will have to analyze the financial condition of Smart Telecom and submit it to the Ministry by mid-November.

The NEA had written to the Land Survey and Revenue Office last April to freeze the property after the arrears were not paid.

The company has not paid the amount due to the government for four years. It has been found that the amount that Smart has to pay to the government by mid-July is more than Rs. 6 billion. Of which, Smart had to pay Rs. 598.86 million in the first installment due to frequency fee.

NEA had fixed Rs 832.3 million in the second installment, Rs 774 million in the third installment, Rs 715.6 million in the fourth installment and Rs 657.2 million in the fifth installment.

In five installments, Smart has paid Rs 3.578 billion to the government, Rs 1.25 billion for the eighth installment of the license renewal fee and the total amount to be paid by Smart when the interest is added to the overall arrears has reached around Rs 6 billion.

Stating that the amount has not been paid for a long time, the Finance Committee under the House of Representatives had instructed to pay the amount to the telecommunication service providers including Smart in January, 2075 BS.

Despite repeated instructions from various agencies to pay the amount, Smart has been delaying the payment. रासस


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