Some facts you should know about computers


We use computers on a daily basis. Computer has become an integral part of our life.


While running a computer, we sometimes think about its history. Today we will discuss some facts related to computers.

Which country has the most computers in the world?

Answer – The United States of America is considered to be the country with the largest number of computers in the world.

Who built the world’s first supercomputer?

Answer- World’s first super computer was built by C-DAC.

Who is called the father of computer?

Answer – Charles Babbage is called the father of computer. Charles Babbage invented the computer in 1822. The first computer invented by Charles Babbage is named ‘Differential Engine’.

What is the brain of a computer?

Answer – CPU is called the brain of the computer.

What is the data going to the computer called?

Answer – The data that goes into the computer is called input.

Is the BIOS in full form?

Answer – The full name of BIOS is Basic Internal Output System. This term is actually an abbreviation of Basic Input Output. This software determines what the computer can do without accessing the program from disk. The main function of BIOS is to boot the operating system on the PC.

Who is the inventor of WWW?

Answer – The inventors of WWW are Tim Berners Lee and Robert Cailliau. Together, these two invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989.

What are the two most popular output devices?

Answer – Two common output devices are monitor and printer. Apart from this, other output devices include printers, projectors, speakers etc.

What tool is used to view all types of information or output from a computer?

Answer – A monitor is used to see all the information and output of the computer.

What is the full version of CD ROM?

Answer – The complete form of CD-ROM is Compact Disc Read Only Memory. This is an example of secondary memory.

What is the meaning of RAM in a computer?

Answer – RAM in computer means random access memory. It is a type of computer memory that temporarily stores the work being done on the computer.

What is computer hardware that can store large amounts of data called?

Answer- The computer hardware that can store large amount of data is called magnetic tape hard disk.

Which is not considered a type of memory in a computer?

Answer – The server is not counted in the type of memory in the computer.

Do you have pen drive?

Answer – A pen drive is an electronic memory. A pen drive is a portable universal serial bus (USB) flash memory device that allows you to store and transfer audio, video, and data files to or from a computer.

Why is cache memory used?

Answer – Cache memory is used in computers to remove the speed bottleneck between memory and processor.

What is built in computer memory?

Answer – The built in memory of the computer is ROM.

After saving the file and shutting down the computer, where does the data remain unchanged?

Answer- After saving the file and turning off the computer, the data remains unchanged in the secondary storage.

How is word length measured in computers?

Answer- The length of a word is measured by bytes in computers.

.What is the part of a computer system that contains programs or instructions called?

Ans- The part of the computer system which contains the instructions in the program is called software.

What is it called when two processors are installed in a computer?

Answer- When two processors are installed in a computer, it is called parallel processing.

. What is the computer language used on the Internet?

Answer- The computer language used on the Internet is Java.

Which is considered the fastest computer?

The fastest computer is considered to be a supercomputer.

Are you of the browser?

Answer – A browser is a software that searches web pages on the Internet. A web browser is a software that helps you to view and use content available on the internet such as articles, images, videos, audios and games etc. available on blog websites. Some of the most popular browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.

What is a computer virus?

Answer. A computer virus is a software program specially designed to destroy a computer. The full name of the virus is Vital Information Resources Under Siege. Viruses affect the functioning of the computer by entering the computer.


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