The most expensive laptop worth Rs 41 crore, what are the features?

The most expensive laptop worth Rs 41 crore, what are the features?

Ordinary laptops are available in Nepal in the range of 50-60 thousand. From which normal work can be done.

Do you know the price of the most expensive laptop in the world and what are its features?

The most expensive laptop in the world is the ‘MJ Swarovski and Diamond Studded Notebook’. It is valued at लाख 3.5 million.

That is, when the value of one dollar in Nepal is calculated at Rs 119 on Sunday, its Nepali value is Rs 416.5 million.

This laptop was made by MJ Art Studio of Ukraine in 2016. It uses hundreds of white and black diamonds. Such diamonds have also been used in its mouse.

Limited to production, this laptop is very beautiful.

You may be wondering what the specifications of the laptop, including the internal processor, are so expensive. There is nothing big about it. Like other ordinary laptops, it has a hard disk of 100 GB and 2 GB of RAM.

The more expensive it is, the more diamonds it uses. The company has also produced luxury laptops such as the Asus Lamborghini Platinum Crocodine, Acer Ferrari Python and Asus EPC VIP Swarovski.

Telep Ego Diamond

This laptop is designed like a handbag carried by a woman. It is valued at लाख 400,000, or about ७ 47.6 million. It has 16 GB RAM and 160 GB hard drive. With a 12-inch screen, the laptop uses white gold and diamonds.


Similarly, the most expensive laptop in the world is Lubaglio. It is worth a million dollars. Nepali rupees come to 11 million rupees. This laptop made by a British company has a 17 inch screen. In addition, there is 128 GB of SSD storage.

‘Golden Age’, MacBook Air

It costs 26,000 dollars, which is about 3.1 million Nepali rupees. It uses 24 carat gold. Also, high value crystals are used. This laptop was made in 20 places. It has 2 GB RAM and 80 GB hard disk.

Ego for Bentley

Produced after a collaboration between British car maker Bentley and Ego, the laptop is priced at 20,000 dollars, or 2.3 million Nepali rupees. This laptop is made of pure gold.

It had only 250 products in the world. It doesn’t have much specification. It has 2 GB RAM and 160 GB hard drive.


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