The Nepse app, which provides information about the stock market, has such features

The Nepse app, which provides information about the stock market, has such features

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has brought an online system for share trading and its mobile app is not very popular. This app, which came 6 years ago, is useful for those who are interested in the share market.

Nepse had launched a mobile app called Nepse in 2015 to provide information on the stock market. The app was launched keeping in mind the growing use of mobiles. At that time, Nepse had not made the online system public.

Nepse spokesperson Murhari Parajuli said that the Nepse app was created at that time to keep the interest in the share market and to provide information about the share market to the investors. The Nepse app is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

What are the features of Nepse app?

According to spokesperson Parajuli, business information can be viewed from the Nepse app. The app has 2 sections including Marketwatch and Market Info.

Market Watch provides summaries of trades, live trading, daily prices and flows. Similarly, information of Nepse Index and Subindesk, information of companies listed in Nepse, information of companies removed from list, information of brokers and information of excellent performing companies can be obtained from Market Info.

The app also has a calculator feature. After clicking on the calculator, secondary and IPO options will appear there. You can calculate the shares you bought or sold from the secondary option.

If you have bought the shares and do not know how much to pay to the broker, the broker will show you how much to pay including commission, Cebon fee, demat fee if you put it in the price.

Similarly, if you have sold the shares, how many shares you have sold, by clicking on buy, how many shares you have sold and how much you have bought in the past, you can know how much you will get by paying commission.

One hundred thousand more downloads

There are more than 700,000 TMS users trading in Nepal. But the download number of Nepse app shows more than 1 lakh in Google Play Store.

To download the Nepse app on Google Play Store click here Do it for iOS click here Do it

Parajuli says that they may not have used the app much as the facilities available in the Nepse app are also available from TMS.

Investors may not be interested in the Nepse app as they can also trade from TMS and get market information. However, the app is easy to use as you can get information on your mobile anytime.


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