The problem faced by Nirajan during the epidemic, which gave birth to Nepal’s first workspace platform

After the corona epidemic spread rapidly in Nepal, the government announced a nationwide lockdown. During the lockdown, the non-essential offices were closed. At this time, technology became the charioteer.


During the lockdown, the office work started as much as possible with technology. A new culture of work from home has developed.

Although the work-from-home culture started long ago in the world market, it started in Nepal after the corona epidemic. Nirajan KC of Kathmandu was also working at home during the lockdown.

While working from home, communication, file sharing and other problems started appearing. After that, Nirajan started getting confused in this problem. Moved towards solving the problem, and was born in the year 2020 ‘lensme up’

Lensmi Up is Nepal’s first virtual workspace platform. Nirajan KC, the founder and CEO of Lensmi Up, said that the idea of ​​Lensmi Up came about when it was difficult to communicate with each other while working from home during the Corona epidemic.

Nirajan, who is studying IT, was freelancing by forming a team of his own before starting Lensmee. While he was freelancing, he planned to bring his own product to the market. Accordingly, the e-commerce brand ‘Magau’ was launched. But Magau was not successful as expected and had to be closed in the middle.

He says that one of the reasons for the closure of Magau is the lack of good ‘communication’. After the closure of Magau, they again started working as freelancers.

After working, he saved enough money to last a few months and planned to start his own product again. Lensmi up, carried forward with the work of development and research.

Casey explains that LensMe was started as a mediator between the client and the team. We made Lensmi up especially as a mediator. The mediator who could bypass him after getting to know the client and the team was worried,’ he said, ‘that’s why Lensmi Up was started with a plan to bring the client and the team into the same workspace and improve communication between them.’

At that time, Lensmi Up had features like chat, communicate, file sharing. Only the mediator could see his client and team. This facility was used by a couple of mediators and a good response was also received from them.

One day Nirajan showed his product to Pragyan Subedi. He got a good response from Pragyan. But he gave one suggestion, ‘The product is very good. Why did you focus only on the mediator? Mediator is also small in the market. So make it more open.’

Nirajan was also shocked by Pragyan’s suggestion. And he planned to open the LensMe app, which was made for mediators, to technology companies as well, and accordingly brought a new update to the software.

Then he showed the product to his superiors for suggestions and feedback. A suggestion came from there, ‘Bring a new update so that it can be used by all sectors without focusing only on tech companies. Other areas also need such a product.’

Nirajan also liked the suggestion and accepted it. He says that lensme up has been prepared as a virtual workspace that can be used by all sectors with the advice and suggestions of elders.

It has various features like chat drive, project management tool, device tracking, setting, tracking, video conferencing, real time chat, smart alert, access control. Workspace also has a toggle feature called isolation.

By turning this toggle on, members can be kept private, if turned off, it can be used as a virtual workspace. Multiple workspaces can also be created as needed. Restrictions can be made in advance on which words to use in the conversation or not.

Lensmi Off is currently being used by 3-4 companies. KC said that he is designing the UI/UX according to the user’s wishes.

‘We are redesigning it so that it is easy for companies of all sectors to operate,’ he says, ‘UIRUX will be modified by the end of April. And it will be live from April.’

The company is in talks with banks, fintech companies, tech and startups to use LensMe Up. The work has progressed to allow organizations to use it for free as a trial for some time. In LensMe Up, the owner of the workspace has been given more features for monitoring.

According to KC, work is being done to make the platform innovative and add new features. Now they are building your own system.

Lensmi Up will provide the component and the customer can design the template as per their requirement. There is a plan to expand the service even abroad.

LensMe Up will be available in both free and premium versions. Free users will have some limitations in features. The company has informed that Lensmi Up, which is available only on the website, is soon to be brought to the mobile app.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is the owner of RabinsXP who is constantly working for increasing the Internet of Things (IoT) in Nepal. He also builds android apps and crafts beautiful websites. He is also working with various social services. The main aim of Lamichhane is to digitally empower the citizens of Nepal and make the world spiritually sound better both in terms of technology and personal development. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal.

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