The ‘Satkar’ app has been made public, allowing customers to use the hotel automatically without touching anywhere

The ‘Satkar’ app has been made public, allowing customers to use the hotel automatically without touching anywhere

The tourism sector has been closed for a long time due to the threat of corona infection. Due to the inability of people to travel even if they want to and due to the occasional closure due to social security, hotels with huge investments, even restaurants are closed.

Investors have been hit. The Peak Hospitality has developed a hospitality app to provide some relief to the tourism sector from this risk. There are seven different touch points for tourists to go to the hotel, from booking to checking in, ordering food and beverages.

Ultimate Solutions has developed a hospitality application that makes you feel touch free while staying at a hotel.

This app has been developed for the tourists by addressing the main mantra of ‘safety is comfort’ in the coming days. The sales and market promotion of this system will be done by Peak Hospitality itself.

Developed to work digitally by removing the manual touch plant, the app will integrate all the divisions of the hotel including front office, human resources, finance, store, security, housekeeping, food and beverage, engineering in one app.

From hotel booking to checking in on mobile, opening the door, ordering food, running the AC, turning on the TV, you don’t have to order anything or press the switch.

You don’t have to wait in line at the phone or reception to check out. All these tasks can be done by the hotel customer himself through the mobile application. This application is very easy to run.

It is safe to take all security measures. Helps to digitize the hotel manually. This application has been developed in consultation with experts who have long experience in the hotel sector.

Until now, after booking a hotel through various web applications, all the work had to be done manually by the customer staff from the hotel counter. Customers can make self-bookings and self-orders through the Satkar app. The customer can enter his room by opening the door through QR without the help of the hotel staff.

The hospitality app is available in various versions from non-star to five star hotels. Hotels can use this app by modifying it to their liking.

It can be changed according to the needs of the hotel. The app ensures the safety of tourists. Reduces operating costs of hotels. It reduces human error.

As everything happens automatically, the manpower of the hotel will also decrease. It will replace paperwork. The internal revenue-certified billing system is integrated into it. The hotel bill can be paid by the customer himself.

Developed in Nepal, the app is designed to be useful for the hospitality industry globally, the company said.

The app developer claims that the demand for this app will be the same abroad as the epidemic of Covid has spread to the hotel sector globally. As a Nepali product, it is expected to take over the market even abroad.

The Peak Hospitality also plans to promote and market in the international market. On the occasion of making public the hospitality app, software application for its promotion will be made available at a huge discount.


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