The wallet can now be integrated into your business for free

The wallet can now be integrated into your business for free

Khalti Digital Wallet is going to provide free API to the entrepreneurs (smart entrepreneurs) who sign an agreement with Khalti within the month of July.

The service has been launched with the aim of digitizing every payment made in small, medium and large markets in the midst of the epidemic and further contributing to the recovery of the country’s declining economy.

Under this service, Khalti has also provided multiple payment options for its customers. There is no charge for one month for merchants to integrate Khalti’s API into their system.

This service will be applicable to the merchants who enter into an agreement with Khalti within this month. The person can immediately transfer or deposit the amount deposited in his Merchant Dashboard to the bank account at any time.

Merchants will now be able to easily receive e-banking, mobile banking, Connect IPS, SCT cards and hassle-free payments from their pocket customers through their pocket SDK / API.

“We have implemented this program with the concept of strengthening the financial position of the economically weak entrepreneurs by providing free merchant integration due to the epidemic,” said Jonam Bhurtel of Khalti Digital Wallet.

He further added, “We are confident that the pocket will be the choice of many traders as it will be simple and safe to integrate.” We are determined to provide maximum facilities to the entrepreneurs.

By using the pocket payment gateway, entrepreneurs will be free from the hassle of integrating with each of the banks. To register a pocket merchant account, a company must be registered.

Go to the ‘More’ option on the home screen of, select ‘Merchant Signup’ and register with all your details. Then you can log in and see all your details.


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