As mobile banking increased in April, all other electronic transactions declined

As mobile banking increased in April, all other electronic transactions declined

Most of the electronic transactions have declined in April. While the country’s electricity business is booming, it has declined for the second time in a month.

While most electronic media transactions have declined, mobile banking transactions have increased to some extent.

According to the data released by Nepal Rastra Bank for the first ten months of the current fiscal year, mobile banking business has increased in April compared to April.

According to the statistics, mobile banking transactions worth Rs 48.88 billion have been transacted. This is an increase of Rs. 235 million for the month of April. Mobile banking had a turnover of Rs 48.65 billion in April.

This month, electronic payments through ATMs, Connect IPS, Internet banking, mobile wallets, QR codes, PSOs and e-commerce have declined.

Payments from the QR code have declined in April as the market closed due to the lockdown. In April, Rs 2.72 billion was paid through QR code, while in April, Rs 2.52 billion was paid.

Similarly, the payment from mobile wallet has increased from Rs 11.21 billion in April to Rs 10.10 billion in April.

Similarly, the turnover from internet banking has dropped from 10.21 billion to 10.8 billion. Similarly, payments from Connet IPS, which has been doing high business lately, have also declined in April.

According to the statistics, the payment of Rs 211.43 billion was made in April, while the turnover was Rs 173.87 billion in April.

Similarly, payments from ATGS, ECC, debit card and credit card have also come down.


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