Traffic lights at the airport gate now


Traffic lights at the airport gate now

A new traffic light has been installed at the Golden Gate at the airport under the coordination and initiative of the Metropolitan Traffic Police.

Chief of the Division, Senior Superintendent of Police Janak Bhattarai and CEO of Yati Airlines, Anoj Rimal, jointly inaugurated the newly-connected Traffic Lights today in collaboration with Yati and Tara Airlines Pvt.

SSP Bhattarai said that the traffic light connection at the crossroads has been intensified to promote the Kathmandu Valley as a safe and civilized city, to make the traffic management technology-friendly and to facilitate the traffic management.

He said that the management of roads through technology has given priority to ease the movement of common road users as well as reflect road discipline and road civilization.

“We are trying to bring traffic management towards technology. Apart from the concerned stakeholders, we have been co-ordinating with various organizations, banks and financial offices, ‘said SSP Bhattarai. There is a plan. ‘

Speaking on the occasion, Anjan Budgami, Director of Administration, on behalf of the airlines, said that the traffic lights would play a helpful role in solving the problems of daily road use.

He expressed the view that the development and use of technology should be given priority to solve the traffic congestion, road accidents and other traffic problems in the Kathmandu Valley.

Tekraj Adhikari, a ward member of Kamanpa Ward No. 9, said that the connection and use of traffic lights would play an important role in traffic management and accident reduction.

Emphasizing on the recent technology, he appreciated the important role played by the branch in traffic light connection work.

The inauguration program was attended by the Chief of Division, officials of the airlines, members of local bodies and other police officers.

The department has stated that it will continue to coordinate and cooperate for the installation of traffic lights at other intersections in the coming days to reduce the accidents by making the traffic management safe, orderly and comfortable.



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