What is my second teacher? How to use (With video)

What is my second teacher? How to use (With video)

My Second Teacher was unveiled on April 22 with the aim of digitizing Nepal’s education. The platform, developed by Cambridge School Singapore, has been implemented in 18 countries, including Nepal, and is reaching 50 countries this year.

Developed by Cambridge School, the platform is brought to Nepal by ING Group and Innovative Tech.

My Second Teacher has received very good response from students, teachers, parents and educational institutions. Currently, Misecond Teacher has more than 20,000 customers. Currently, only 4 subjects of class 10 are available on this platform.

What is my second teacher?

Educational materials are being designed according to the courses of the Center for Curriculum Development (CDC) in My Second Teacher.

The language used in it is also colloquial. The course is designed by mixing both English and Nepali language so that all the students can understand.

At present, only four subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Economics have been designed for class ten, but all the courses of class 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 are being prepared till next year.

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    How to use

    The first way to use My Second Teacher ‘ dot np ‘ Yes There is no initial charge for using it. You can register by going to the register for free.

    There are two options, parents and students. If you are a parent, you are a parent and if you are a student, you have to go to the student and fill in the name, email and password.

    Even if everything is full, you will receive an email for verification. After that verification, your account will be verified.

    It will be available for free for some time. Another medium is the mobile app. The My Second Teacher app is available on both iOS and Android mobiles. You can also become its customer from there.

    Even so, the Internet has not reached our villages. Even if it reaches, it is not of quality. To solve this problem, the display unit in community education has been designed to teach all classes.

    It also needs internet but does not need the same speed as a website or app. A company from Singapore, Acer and Misecond Teacher Nepal are studying to build a display unit that can run on the internet without internet or very low speed. This model is being prepared in the summer.

    The company says that it can then be taught through display unit projectors or TVs in rural schools.

    How much is the fee?

    This course is very expensive at Cambridge School in Singapore but in Nepal it has been made very cheap so that all students can study.

    There are currently four subjects available in this platform, including English, Mathematics, Science and Economics for class ten. A fee of Rs 1,870 has been fixed for these subjects in a three-month package.

    Sulabh Budathoki, its co-founder, says that the fee has been initially tested and plans to review it.

    No fees will be fixed for government and community schools soon. They also plan to provide it free of charge in some community schools.

    Also watch the video


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