What kind of mobiles are ‘illegal’? This is the registration process of NEA

What kind of mobiles are ‘illegal’? This is the registration process of NEA

It is not new for the government to block mobile phones that have entered Nepal illegally. Discussions have been going on for some years now.

In particular, mobile operators have been complaining that importing mobile phones by evading customs has affected the domestic market.

Those sets could not be registered in the government system when they brought mobile phones by evading customs on the one hand and on the other hand.

As a result, on the one hand, the country’s revenue was affected and on the other hand, there are cases of using the same illegal mobile phones to promote violence.

In order to manage these things, the government has asked to register the IMEI number of the mobile sets that have entered Nepal by evading customs and in person in the Mobile Device Management System (ADMS) of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

Presenting the budget for the coming fiscal year on Saturday, the Finance Minister has announced to stop such illegal mobiles by bringing the Mobile Device Management System (ADMS) into operation from July 20.

Now you know what kind of mobiles are illegal. If you have brought it from abroad or someone has sent it, the EIME number is not registered.

Next, if the mobile you bought in the market is one of the fraudulent ones, then the IMEI number of that mobile set is not registered.

Only such mobiles have to be registered with the authority. If the mobile you are using has come legally from the customs, the IMEI number has already been registered at the customs. Don’t panic.

Achutananda Mishra, co-spokesperson of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, said that the mobile device management system is being brought into operation to prevent illegal mobiles and for the systematic use of mobiles.

“The mobile you buy now may be in someone else’s name or may not be recorded anywhere,” he told ICT News. “The mobile device management system is being set up to keep that record.”

Mishra says that if illegal mobile imports can be stopped, it will also help the government in revenue. “We take a lot of services from mobiles. There is a security problem because they are not recorded,” he said. “If mobiles are not secure, the reliability of other services is also in question.”

He said that the mobile phone in his name will be safe as it cannot be used by others. When importing mobiles from abroad, the mobile phone seller has to submit the IMEI of the mobile to the Telecommunication Authority. Only then will the authority give permission to bring the mobile.

NEA sends a list of IMEI numbers to the customs department and the customs department verifies whether the mobile phone of that number has arrived or not.

If you buy a mobile from a seller and put a seam on it, the mobile device management system verifies whether the mobile is on the white list or not. If the phone is on the white list, it can be used, otherwise it cannot be used.

Both mobile and SIM should be in your name

The mobile and SIM you use must be in your own name. Co-spokesperson Mishra informed that only the management of mobile phones will be done from August and shortly after that the management of SIM will also be done.

Suppose your mobile is lost. Mobile is registered in your name. It will not come in my name until you transfer the mobile. But others can’t draw a line in your name.

“To use a mobile phone, you need a SIM with the name of the person who has the mobile phone in your name, otherwise you can’t use it,” he says.

He said that the authority is also going to bring online system to transfer one’s mobile phone in the name of others.

According to him, if the IMEI number of the phone that came to Nepal has not been registered yet, time will be given to register the IMEI number of that mobile.

NEA has also made arrangements to register IMEI number online for that click here Do it After that, you can register by clicking on Individual and entering the required details. The site’s server is currently down.

Also you click here You can find out if your IMEI number is registered or not. You can find out the IMEI number of your mobile by dialing * # 06 #.

When dialing this, the mobile supports only one SIM and shows only one IMEI number. If the mobile supports 2 SIMs, it shows 2 IMEI numbers. If there are 2 IMEI numbers, both the numbers have to be registered with NEA.

According to Mishra, mobile phones brought by people who have gone abroad for employment can be registered at the airport or online.

Mobile device management system in the final stages

NEA is installing mobile device management system in Chawhil of Kathmandu. Its’ secondary site and civil construction work is ready. He said that the only thing left to do now is to bring the goods and connect them.

NEA had earlier brought the first phase of equipment for mobile device management. The goods have been kept at the National Information Technology Center.

The mobile device management system will be able to come into operation even before the summer by bringing additional luggage and connecting when the international aircraft opens soon.

NEA had signed an agreement with Malaysian company M / s Numera Company for the purchase of Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) at a cost of Rs. The company will operate and manage this system for 5 years.

In the mobile device management system, the mobile will be listed in white, gray and black. This system will connect to the network of mobile service providers.


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