What to do in case of error 404?

What to do in case of error 404?

While working on PC or laptop, we must have seen the message of 404 error on our screen from time to time. This is an HTTP status code that indicates that we could not access that particular page on the server. This message is customized by most websites themselves. This is how the message comes across.

404 error

404 error nut found

error 404

The requested URL was not found on the server

http 404

error 404 not found

http 404 nut found

404 page nut found

Why does such a message come?

This message specifically indicates that the user typed the wrong URL or moved the page away. The same message will appear even if the URL of an old page is not redirected to a new location.

What to do if such a message comes?

Press EF to try to open the webpage again or search to refresh the URL from the address bar. Sometimes it is easy to refresh the page. If there is a problem with the URL, the error message will come, but if the URL is typed incorrectly, this may have happened.

That aspect should be taken into consideration. For example www.web.com/a/b/c.htm If you give an error message of 404 www.web.com/a/b/ Should try Even if you search for what you need from a popular search engine, you can find out which URL it is. If you find that page, bookmark it to avoid future problems. Even if the cache of the browser is cleared, the message of error 404 stops coming to a large extent. Browser cookies should also be cleared from time to time.


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