You can get online video consultation related to health from my doctor, here is how to get the service

You can get online video consultation related to health from my doctor, here is how to get the service

Midas has launched an online video counseling service through the ‘My Doctor’ app, keeping in mind the need to contact a hospital or doctor for a health check-up during the Covid-19 epidemic.

My doctor has been in operation since last Thursday to reduce the risk of patients getting more infected when they have to be deprived of timely treatment or consultation.

The company believes that the online video consulting service will be effective in establishing contact with the patient’s doctor or hospital.

Chhatrahari Karki, Managing Director of Midas Technologies Pvt. Ltd., said that hundreds of consultant doctors and hospitals in Nepal will be available in this app so that patients with any disease can get online video consultation from any place.

Arrangements have been made so that specialist doctors can provide health care consultation through this app even during normal hours during the prohibition.

The company says that this will save both the time and money of the patients and will help in reducing the unnecessary congestion in the hospitals.

Not only during the Covid epidemic, we have various difficulties to consult a specialist doctor and even to the hospital in normal times.

It is our common practice to wait for the geographical remoteness and favorable conditions for the sick to go to the hospital. Such an online video service will be useful to get rid of this condition and prevent your disease from getting worse.

This online video consultation will be very useful for most of us who do not want to go to the hospital or doctor without getting sick.

This online video counseling service is conceived with the aim of treating common ailments through online counseling and preventing them from becoming complicated and encouraging them to contact a hospital or specialist doctors as soon as possible.

All health counseling related to the ongoing COVID-19 is provided free of charge in this online video consultation.

How to get the service?

Patients can take the time of the online video consultation from any time and place through their mobile or laptop.

If you are an Android phone user, easily go to Google Play Store ‘My Doctor’ app Can download

If you are an iOS phone user, go to the Apple Store immediately ‘My Doctor’ app Can download

Laptop and desktop users will also be able to get online counseling services from My Doctor’s website. For that Click here Do it

If you do not have any of the above mentioned gadgets and internet facilities, you can avail this service by visiting the nearest pharmacy, clinic and health post.

Learn more about using the My Doctor app Click here Do it Where the video manual is kept for convenience.


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