The world’s largest 3D maker of AI supercomputers: Perlmuter

The world’s largest 3D maker of AI supercomputers: Perlmuter

The new AI supercomputer Perlmutter will help create the world’s largest 3D map. It is also said to help with astrophysics.

The Perlmutter was built by the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. It is the fastest supercomputer for AI and will help create a large 3D map for studying dark energy that accelerates the expansion of the universe.

The machine processes data from a dark energy spectroscopic instrument. Perlmuter has 1 thousand 536 nodes. Each node has a 64-core EPYC 7763 processor and four NVIDIA A100 GPUs.

It makes calculations very fast. Scientists plan to have 3,072 CPUs with EPYC 7763 processors in each by the end of 2021.


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