Yama Buddha’s Body in Pictures

Many of you are requesting to share the pictures as I was the first site on the Internet to share about the Yama Buddha’s who left his physical body. People were unable to believe the news and for them here is the picture of Yama Buddha’s dead body who has now arrived in the box.

The spoiler has been used so as to protect from direct viewing as it might hurt the sentiments of many. You agree and are yourself responsible opening the image.

Click here to view the picture


Yama Buddha, Anil Adhikari

पशुपति आर्यघाट लाने तयारिमा यम बुद्ध ,अनिल अधिकारी हार्दिक श्रद्धाञ्जली

I will be updating more pictures. Please keep visiting this page.

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