Action should be taken against those who cannot recover the data of Public Service Commission: MP Nisha Dangi

Sandus Nisha Dangi of the National Independent Party has demanded action against those who cannot recover the data of the Public Service Commission.


Speaking in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, MP Dangi demanded action against the responsible agencies that could not recover the data of the Public Service Commission.

Most of the youth of Nepal have gone abroad. Instead of encouraging some people who are looking for a future in their own country, the government is discouraging them,’ she said, ‘in this way, the future of the youth should not be played with and if the data is not recovered, action should be taken against those who are in the responsible bodies, Speaker. And I would like to request the concerned body through the speaker to end the problem of shifting the date of the examination held by the Public Service Commission.

After losing the data of nearly four lakh applicants who applied to the Public Service Commission in the months of November, December and January 2079, the Public Service Commission has called for new applications. The public service commission’s online application system was hosted by the government integrated data center GIDC, after it was not certain that the lost data would be recovered.

When technology is leaping in the world, the responsible body like the Public Service Commission does not keep the data safe, the commission is not able to recover the data? And to come and fill the form again at the end, how much carelessness is this? She asked.

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