Aggressive Nepal Telecom on Fiber Net, to distribute 2.5 million lines this year

Aggressive Nepal Telecom on Fiber Net, to distribute 2.5 million lines this year

Nepal Telecom has declared the current fiscal year as ‘Fiber Net Year’ and has put forward an aggressive plan for fiber net expansion.

Nepal Telecom’s Fiber Net (FTTH) has set a new target in a short period of time in the interest of many customers. Telecom has brought a plan to expand additional 226,000 fiber nets across the country under the 2078/79 annual program of the current fiscal year.

Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, Delhi Adhikari, said that the target has been set so far this year based on the customer’s preference.

“We have set a target of expanding 226,000 more lines a year across the country,” the official said. “We have some plans and preparations to meet this target.”

In order to achieve this goal, the telco has assigned the number of lines to be completed to the provincial directorates and offices. Targets vary from place to place.

Telecom has announced special concessions to its employees to achieve this goal. Telecom is ready to provide additional facilities to the office and employees per line. As there will be less staff, the telco will provide more facilities to its employees working in the morning, evening and Saturday besides office hours.

Telecom’s network is ready to meet the target and the main problem now is the lack of manpower, the official said.

Telecom is also working by outsourcing where there is a shortage of staff. The official said that work is being done to expand the fiber net by bringing the private sector through tenders in different places. Even now, the private sector is working in Bhaktapur area, Gatthaghar, Sanothimi, Chhauni and other areas.

In order to meet the new target, the telco is preparing to hire work from the private sector through tenders in a dozen places in Kathmandu.

He also said that the telco is offering cheaper FTTH services than others. In addition, FTTH is providing 300 MB of mobile data per day to its customers.

According to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the number of fiber net subscribers has reached 114,134 by June 2078. The telco plans to add 2.5 million subscribers this year.


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