Buyers suffered because there is no law to give number plates to vehicles made in Nepal: MP Shah

Asim Shah, a member of the House of Representatives, has said that buyers are suffering because there is no law to give number plates to vehicles manufactured in Nepal.


Speaking in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, MP Sah pointed out that there is no law to give vehicle registration certificate (number plate) to vehicles manufactured in the country, and that a separate law should be made immediately for this purpose.

In the Transport Management Procedures Guide 2060 (Amendment 2074), the customs notification of vehicle registration and customs realization are mandatory. Due to this mandatory arrangement, domestically produced vehicles have not been able to get number plates.

Our law envisages that the vehicles used in Nepal should come from abroad. Vehicles manufactured in Nepal have not been able to get a registration certificate (number plate) after not being given legal recognition,’ he said.

The laws of Nepal do not envisage giving number plates to vehicles made in the country. But recently, vehicles have started to be produced in Nepal. In such a situation, the traffic police has been taking control of the domestic vehicles on the basis that they do not have number plates.

Stating that the slogans of the government such as Made in Nepal, self-reliance, and job creation seem to be the same thing, Shah drew attention to the immediate decision to make a separate law for the manufacturing companies and assembly companies of electric two-wheeled, three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles to easily issue vehicle registration certificates. are

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