ChatGPT 4 is public, for use by subscribers only

Microsoft is going to release ChatGPT 4 with AI video. So far ChatGPT was running on version 3.5 and now Microsoft has released version four.


It can also create AI videos based on a few text instructions. ChatGPT Four can process various data such as video, image, sound, number. Cybersecurity expert Charles Ewuji says that it is possible to write movie scripts, create actors for movies using AI, and even post them.

The company claims that even a 200-page book can be written from start to finish in one day through GPT Four. Microsoft has said that AI can translate the user’s text into images, music or even video through ChatGPT Four.

It can process 25,000 words which is 8 times more than the previous ChatGPT. For now, it is only available for ChatGPT subscribers for which they have to pay $20 per month. It had already powered Microsoft’s B∙.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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