How to forward email from Outlook to Gmail automatically?

How to forward email from Outlook to Gmail automatically?

Some users find it easier to use Gmail than Outlook. That’s why today we will see how to forward email from Outlook to Gmail automatically. The following procedure can be used for this.

1. the very first Outlook By opening Mubh Going to the section Home tabShould go to Then rules By going to the option Management Rules and Alters You have to go to the option.

2. Then new rule In the option Click Should and Start from blank Click on the option. Under that Apply Rule Un Message Click on the I Receive option NextShould be clicked on.

3. Then you have to select what kind of message you want to forward and NextBy clicking on confirm Should.

4. Then in a new window Forward it to people or public groups Click on the option.

5. After that Forward You need to enter the contact’s email address.

6. Then you have to give the rule the name you want. Then turn on Click on the Finish option.


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