Installation of ‘Sensors’ for early warning of landslides at 10 places with high risk of landslides

‘Sensors’ have been installed at 10 locations in four districts with high risk of landslides. In order to reduce the possible damage caused by landslides, Earthquake Technology National Society of Nepal coordinated with the local level to provide early warning at 10 locations with high risk of landslides in Sindhupalchok, Kavrepalanchok, Dolakha and Myagdi. The device is connected.

Equipment is also being prepared in Hetauda of Makwanpur. A member of the society, Gopikrishna Basyal, informed that such devices have been installed in Kodari, Tamangaon, Marming and Chakubazar of Bhotekosi Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok. Equipment has been installed in Bolde, Chukhabensi Thilwar of Temal Rural Municipality Ward No. 3, 4 and 5 of Kavrepalanchok.

Equipment has been kept at Sushpakshamavati and Charikot of Bhimeshwar Municipality 1 and 3 of Dolakha. The equipment installed in Tatopani, Phagamdanda, Ghattekhola, Rupse and Kavre of Annapurna Rural Municipality 2 and 3 of Myadi will measure the nature of rain, type of soil and the percentage of water in the soil.

A device buried 20 meters below the ground transmits information to a computer every 10 minutes about movement in the soil. He said that if the information that reaches the computer can be given to the relevant authorities in time, it will help in reducing the damage.

Devices like battery, solar energy, siren, remote, panic button are required for sensor operation. In this technology, soil moisture measuring equipment, soil temperature and humidity measuring ‘sensor’ rain measuring equipment are buried underground through pipes.

All activities including the sound emission ‘sensor’ reaches the computer through the wires connected at the same place. The device helps in predicting a major disaster by the series of small earth movements.

Basyal, a member of the society, said that by studying the unnatural changes in the movement of the soil, they will play a supportive role in preventing major disasters.

Due to this technology, a few years ago Kotropi in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh was spared from major damage.

Based on the signals received from the device, the Indian police removed the vehicles moving from the road section there. Soon after, a landslide occurred at the same place and the road section was completely destroyed.

Tasi Lama, chairman of Panchpokhri Thangpal Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok, said that due to the use of technology, the human loss was reduced in the floods and landslides that occurred in Melamchi and Panchpokhari Thangpal a year ago when accurate information was available on time.

He said that the equipment used to reduce the risk of landslides has brought great benefits and suggested that such techniques should be used in every local municipality that is at risk. Gorkhapatra

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