Nepal Telecom protested that 217 technical assistants were fired

There was a protest because Nepal Telecom fired 217 technical assistants. On Sunday afternoon, the expelled employees staged a sit-in outside Telecom.


They have demanded the reinstatement of the employees who have worked for a long time saying that the government agencies have removed them arbitrarily.

Speaking to the media persons during the demonstration, the protester Bhim Bahadur Khadka said that the 217 technical assistants working in Nepal Telecom were arbitrarily removed by the Telecom and they had to start the protest demanding their reinstatement.

He said, ‘The 217 technical assistants working in Nepal Telecom have been deprived of their livelihood as employees. We staged this sit-in because 217 technical assistants working in Nepal Telecom were expelled.

He said that removing employees who have worked in telecom for 15 years means taking away their livelihood. He warned that the movement will not be stopped without reinstatement of the employees.

He said, ‘The first demand is that our 217 employees should be reinstated, and the second demand should be an end to outsourcing. We have protested against the dismissal of employees who have worked for a long time. Our movement will continue without restoring the employees.’

He mentioned that the issue of guarantee of employment is the right of the constitution and said that it is wrong for the government body to fire the employees who are employed. He said that he was forced to stage a dharna after the written demand was not addressed.

He said, ‘The subject of guarantee of employment is a right of the constitution, the employees who are employed have been fired by the government agency. It is taken arbitrarily. After the written demand was not addressed, we were forced to stage a sit-in.’

They protested with slogans such as reinstate the dismissed employees, end the contract system, end arbitrariness, workers of the world are one. During the demonstration, they also tied black bands on their heads and expressed their opposition to Nepal Telecom.

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