Nokia C20 in 11 thousand, these are the features

Nokia C20 in 11 thousand, these are the features

HMD Global, Home of Nokia Phones has unveiled the latest C-Series smartphone, the Nokia C20.

Built from Nordic design and build-quality, Android 11 (Go Edition) with all-day battery life and security update is priced at Rs 11,000.

The company has stated that the Nokia C2 will be available in Sand and Dark Blue color in the configuration of 32 GB at Rs 10,999.

Representing one of three separate smartphone series (X-Series, G-Series and C-Series), the Nokia C20 will make smartphone technology more accessible, the company said.

Its two-year free security update as an ultra-high value price point and standard provides peace of mind to the consumer.

Announcing the phone, Ravi Kunwar, General Manager, Pan Asia HMD Global, said that Nokia phones are even more attractive to customers as they offer better battery life, faster performance and exceptional design philosophy.


With a 5 MP front and rear camera, this mobile can take quality photos even in low light. You can capture your pictures and selfies from morning to evening with the help of LED flash on the front and back.

It has a 3000 mAh battery with a large 6.5 inch HD + screen.

With Fast 4G, you can stay in touch even on the move in FaceTime. With its octa-core processor and the latest operating system, you can rely on the C20 to get things done faster.

As a reliability standard, a reliable phone needs an operating system that you can always rely on. Android 11 (Go Edition) makes it quick and easy to open your apps, find and share photos and videos. The company says the phone will be safe for two years with security updates and added security features.

It is made from quality materials and so it stands the test of time. Available in strong polycarbonate body-sand and dark blue colors.


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