Oppo announces Renovators 2021 Emerging Artists Project

Oppo announces Renovators 2021 Emerging Artists Project

OPPO has officially announced the third edition of OPPO Renovators 2021, Emerging Artists Project.

Oppo Renovators 2021 aims to be a platform for art and technology lovers from around the world to compete, as well as to help new creators visualize the future through art and technology.

Through the launch of the Worldwide Renovators Program, OPPO will build an active community for emerging artists to showcase their work and help them gain invaluable career opportunities by being inspired by established artists.

Opo Renovators inspires new creators to use technology to create their own creations and ideas. As Oppo’s brand initiator, William Lew, Global Marketing, Oppo’s Vice President and Chairman, said: The inspiration to change the world is likely to come from today’s young generation. So we are always looking forward to giving meaning to his creative thinking. ‘

The theme of this year’s Renovers program is Revelation. Light, an indispensable organ for most of life and a major source of power on earth, has always been considered a symbol of positivity such as love and hope.

The company said it was hopeful that peace and optimism could be guaranteed through the warmth and brightness of the light and that it could give young creators a new lease of life and a glimpse into their creativity.

The theme of OPPO Renovators 2021 includes two categories of business competition including Art Tech and Art Toy under Prakash. There is also a portrait competition for creative enthusiasts.

In the Art Tech category, young artists will be able to freely present a fusion of art and technology. In the Art Toy category, artists will be able to present their creative freedom as a Collective Designer Toy at Opo’s Mascot, Oli. Similarly, in the Portrait Capture category, competitors can present human stories through portrait images or videos.

OPPO Renovators 2021 will use OPPO’s global resources for the development of talented artists participating in the program.

In addition to various gifts and awards, the selected arts will be given the opportunity to be exhibited at global exhibitions and global online exhibitions such as the London Design Festival and the Dubai World Expo.

In addition, the young designers participating in Renovators 2021 will have the opportunity to become a contracted designer of OPPO and give meaning to their creative thinking professionally.

Oppo Renovators 2021 is organized not only in collaboration with the world’s best art and design organizations, but also includes famous artists and designers in the judging panel.

Notable names include legendary international designer and founder of video art Gary Hill, Kasiva Sato, audiovisual artist Ryochi Kurokawa and branding consultant Tommy Lee.

Participate in OPPO Renovators 2021 and for more information click here Do it To participate in the competition, Artworks must be submitted by August 29, 2021. The final results of the competition will be announced before September 18, 2021.


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