Oxygen production started at Arghakhanchi Hospital, starting in other districts as well (video)

Oxygen production started at Arghakhanchi Hospital, starting in other districts as well (video)

An oxygen plant has been set up for the first time at the district hospital in the hilly district of Arghakhanchi and production has started from Tuesday. Patients treated at Arghakhanchi Hospital had to reach to Butbal to get the oxygen they needed. On the one hand, the patients could not get treatment on time and the cost would be high.

Corona infection has reversed this obligation of Arghakhanchi Hospital. An oxygen plant has been set up in the hospital since Tuesday and production has already started.

After the establishment of the plant in the hospital, the need to drop a bottle to fill a cylinder of oxygen has come to an end. Binod Khanal, Assistant Chief District Officer of Arghakhanchi said that similar oxygen plants are being started not only in Arghakhanchi but also in hilly districts including Gulmi and Pyuthan.

“At a time when the corona infection was at an all-time high, the federal government’s health ministry had allocated a budget for setting up an oxygen plant,” Khanal told ICT Samacha.

Production has already started after testing the oxygen plant at Arghakhanchi Hospital on Tuesday. The plant has the capacity to fill 70 cylinders every day, said Dr. Kapil Gautam of Arghakhanchi Hospital.

The plant also has the facility to fill oxygen cylinders and distribute them directly to the patient’s bed. Gautam said. “We can supply wherever it is needed,” he said.

“Once the plant is set up, it will help not only the district hospital but also the asthma patients in the villages who need oxygen,” he said. In addition, oxygen can be distributed in health posts.

“If there is a lot of production and it is not consumed here, it can be distributed at a minimum price in Butbal, village health post or even in the homes of patients who need oxygen,” he said. Gautam said, “It can be given at the lowest price.”

The establishment of an oxygen plant in the hospital has made it much easier for the patients and the hospital. The obligation to reach Butbal has not only been removed, but treatment has also been provided on time and this has reduced the cost to the patient. Now it costs at least 7-8 hundred rupees to fill a cylinder. Adding the cost of transportation adds to the cost. All this has been saved since production started at the district hospital.

A tender was called for setting up an oxygen plant a month and a half ago after the federal government allocated a budget of Rs 1.5 crore. A company called Technology International won the tender to set it up at a cost of Rs 8.4 million. This has saved Rs 6.6 million out of the Rs 1.5 crore allocated for the oxygen plant.

Now the transformer and generator are needed and all the other systems are connected. Gautam said.

In the second wave of corona, widespread infection has increased in Arghakhanchi district. On Wednesday, there were 25 patients with corona infection at Arghakhanchi Hospital and all of them needed oxygen. Gautam said.

As many as 735 people have been actively infected with corona in the district till Wednesday and 79 people have died. The number of discharged patients in the district has reached 2,946 so far.

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