Payment using the card decreased automatically

Payment using the card decreased automatically

With the advent of digital payment methods in the country, the number of people paying for purchases using cards has declined spontaneously.

In the month of July of the last fiscal year, the amount paid for the purchase of goods using the card has reached Rs. 296 million. While the amount purchased using the card in the first month of the last fiscal year was Rs 1.20 billion.

The number of transactions has also dropped from 168,000 in the first month of last year to 52,000 in the last month.

In this regard, the amount of goods purchased using the card has decreased by 75 percent within a year. Card payments fluctuate every month of last year.

It has dropped to Rs 560 million in August from Rs 1 billion in July. In the following months, it has been increasing and it has gone up to Rs.


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