Senior Director Khanal resigns from Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Senior Director Khanal resigns from Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Anandaraj Khanal, senior director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, has got compulsory leave from Saturday. NEA had bid farewell to Khanal at a function at Rastriya Nachghar Jamal on Friday.

After completing 15 years, 4 months and 24 days of service, he got compulsory leave from Saturday due to his four-year service period as a senior director.

After retiring, Khanal tweeted: I think we are just characters in a play determined by our own destiny. Thank you to everyone who created an atmosphere of happy farewell without any animosity, hatred or anger towards anyone. ‘

Khanal was appointed as the director of NEA through open competition on March 7, 2008. He had earlier worked for 22 months as the acting chairman of NEA.

Khanal, who was promoted to the post of senior director on July 3, 2008, was made irresponsible by the then Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Banskota.

With the departure of Khanal from the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, two posts of senior director have become vacant in the authority.


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