This way you can easily connect WiFi to your mobile with QR code

This way you can easily connect WiFi to your mobile with QR code

QR codes are making our daily lives easier. From this we are easily making digital payments.

This has made not only payment, but also other work easier. For example, if you need to connect to WiFi anywhere, you can use the QR code.

You don’t have to type the WiFi password one by one like before. WiFi can be easily connected via QR code.

The following method should be used to connect WiFi by canning WiFi from QR code.

– First tap on the WiFi of the mobile connected to WiFi. Shows the name of the WiFi being used on the mobile. At the same time, it has a setting option.

– Click on the Settings option.

– Now the option of QR code appears at the bottom of the mobile.

– After tapping there comes the QR code.

– In the new version of the mobile, you don’t have to go into the settings like this. Below the WiFi name is written ‘Tap to share password’. Tapping it shows the QR code directly.

– Now click on the WiFi of the mobile to which the WiFi is to be connected.

– WiFi has the option to scan the QR code at the top. After clicking on it, there is an option to scan the QR code.

– Now scan the QR code on the mobile connected to WiFi.

– Now WiFi is connected to your mobile.


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