The amount of cashless payment transactions from NCHL is three times the GDP

The amount of cashless payment transactions from NCHL is three times the GDP

Come through the various systems of NCHL. And. The cashless payment turnover sold in 2077/78 is three times more than the gross domestic product of Nepal.

NCHL has been operating various payment systems including NCHL ECC, NCHL IPS, Connect IPS as well as channels used by various financial institutions including banks, financial institutions, member payment service providers, Government of Nepal.

In the last fiscal year, NCHL has disbursed a total of more than 44.7 million payment transactions, which is 117 percent more than the previous fiscal year.

NCHL also disbursed Rs 1.3 trillion, २० 20.9 million,. 249 million and GBP 272 million through its various payment systems.

In that fiscal year, check turnover increased by 21 percent, NCHL IPS by 94 percent and Connect IPS by 566 percent. According to the data, the growth of check transactions is stabilizing while the use of digital payment systems is increasing significantly.

According to NCHL, the policy efforts made by the Government of Nepal and Nepal Rastra Bank to build a digital economy by increasing electronic payments and the situation created by COVID-19 have played an important role in the acceptance and use of digital payments.


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