This is how to find out live updates of disasters like floods, landslides, earthquakes from ‘Disaster Portal’

Here’s how to get live updates on disasters like floods, landslides, earthquakes from the ‘Disaster Portal’

Nepal is a natural risk region. There is a risk of earthquake, flood, landslide and drowning.
When living in a risky area, it is wise for us to be careful. Such risks can be avoided by taking prior information and knowing what is happening where.

It doesn’t take much effort to get such information. The government has set up a disaster portal to provide such information. From where live updates on natural hazards like floods, landslides, earthquakes, water can be found.

It is a portal for information on where it is raining heavily, where there is a risk of flood, where there is an earthquake, where the road is closed first, air pollution, fire and other risks. Disaster . This is known as disaster portal.

The Disaster Portal is an Integrated and Comprehensive National Disaster Information Management System (DIMS) operated by the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority. It provides real-time data and information on how much damage was caused by the disaster.

In a country like Nepal, it is not possible to develop separate websites for all local levels, so a national portal (Disaster Portal) has been created, said Disaster Portal Technician Pradip Khatiwada.

The idea of ​​a disaster portal came about as it would be difficult to bring data sharing and data uniformity when there are separate websites.

Central, provincial and local levels can partner and share data on the national portal. The data contained in it has been brought from governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions.

It is made from an open source platform so that the data in it can be downloaded, said Pradip Khatiwada, technical officer of the disaster portal. He said that the data will be kept only after verifying it.

The initiative of non-governmental organization has also been mapped in it. This system can also be operated at the local level.

There are 6 modules in the disaster portal. He said that all the six modules can be operated by all the three levels.

‘All three levels can operate disaster portals. The six modules in it can operate in their own way, ‘he said,’ it can also be customized at the local level. ‘

More information can be obtained by clicking on the map shown on the disaster portal. Incidents can be reported anywhere on the disaster portal. Disaster Portal’s report ‘An Incident Option’ can send information and photos of the place where the incident took place.

Other portals have been integrated into the disaster portal, including the Reconstruction Portal, Covid-19 Dashboard Portal, and some are in the process of being done. Data has also been visualized in the disaster portal.

The Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority plans to identify risks from door to door. For that, NEA is working on ‘Biz Risk Software’.
From that, more, medium and low risk houses can be identified. Khatiwada said that after transferring the system to the local level, they can also edit it.

He informed that the data of disaster portal is being used at national and provincial level.
‘Disaster portal data is being used to create reports. It has also been used in daily and weekly bulletins, ‘Khatiwada said.’ The media has also used this data. It has also helped to communicate. ‘


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