This is the procedure of FiveG test, which the customer will get free during the trial period

This is the procedure of FiveG test, which the customer will get free during the trial period

Nepal Telecommunication Authority has prepared a procedure for testing the brothers. He has prepared the procedure for testing new technology including FiveG and the procedure for testing new technology including 5G, 2078.

NEA has prepared the working procedure as per the decision of the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee to facilitate the service providers for testing the new technology including FiveG and to specify the conditions of testing.

Chairman of the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal, Purushottam Khanal, said that the procedure for the FiveG test has been prepared and any service provider can apply for the test.

Although the procedure for Faviji test has been prepared, the required frequency application has not been determined. He said that the test work will move forward after the frequency is determined.

It has not been decided yet which frequency to use, Khanal said, adding that work for testing will start after the frequency is passed. According to the procedure, the service provider who wants to test FaviG has to submit an application with the modality of testing possible new technology.

When submitting the application, information related to the new technology, locations to be tested, services to be provided, details of frequencies required for testing, network connection and operation schedule should be submitted.

The test will cover both rural and urban areas. It is mentioned in the procedure that NEA will give approval for testing of new technology after studying on the basis of the application received in this way.

Thus, the authority will provide the required frequency for testing the new technology. This frequency will be available for one year. For the trial period, the frequency fee to be submitted to the Government of Nepal will be waived.

In addition, the service operated as a test of the new technology will not be charged to the customer.
After the test, the equipment including the frequency provided by NEA has to be returned to NEA.

This is the procedure


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