Tide is building the first laundry surf for space

Tide is building the first laundry surf for space

Tide is building the first laundry surf for space. The facility for astronauts to wash clothes repeatedly in space. Since they are not, they are forced to wear the same clothes for many days. That’s why Tide is partnering with NASA to build the first laundry surf for space.

This detergent will be fully degradable so that it can easily remove stains and odors even in a closed loop water system on the International Space Station. NASA will test the surf in 2022 on the International Space Station.

This project is called Mission PG Tide. It will test the effectiveness of Tide detergent in space and the stability of the ingredient. Similarly, the washer-dryer combo required for long-term missions to Mars and the Moon will also be explored.

If this project is successful, it will make life easier for many astronauts. Being degradable, it will also be environmentally friendly. It also saves spacecraft from being overweight because the invention will save NASA the hassle of sending more clothes.

This detergent can also be used on earth because it also saves water consumption, is environmentally friendly and also reduces waste.


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