Tik Tok Targeting the US Government: Banned

On March 23, the US Congress impeached CEO of the social network TikTok, Sao Zhi Chiu, He took a statement for the first time in 2023. Chiu, the CEO of TikTok, was questioned for nearly five hours for threatening the mental health of children around the world and the security of the United States., Where American lawmakers asked for a reason not to ban Tiktok.


During the ban, Ticket CEO Chiu has responded to the US Parliament that no one’s data will be used in an unauthorized and unethical manner. Chiu said in ParliamentAmericans’ data is on American servers in America, I don’t see any danger of US personnel viewing the data on US soil.

According to Chiu, 1,500 people have been employed in cooperation with the American company Oracle by spending one and a half billion US dollars for data security. But America is repeatedly demanding to ban Tiktok, It is becoming so popular.

Doubts about the impact of Project Texas

The US government has repeatedly expressed concern about Chinese influence on US user data. To address this concern, Tiktok has introduced Project Texas, under which Tiktok will transfer all American user data to a local server. Due to this, American tech firm Orya Call will be able to study Tiktok’s source code even more intensively.

Oracle will be the third party monitor for Tiktok. Oracle has also said it will review all source code by the end of this year, but some lawmakers have expressed doubts that so much source code will be reviewed within the year.

Jay Obernotal, a software engineer and California Republican congressman, said that Project Texas does not have the ability to reassure the US government about data security.

Question about Tiktok’s relationship with China

The US administration has been suspecting that ByteDance and its executive members have ties to the Chinese Communist Party from the beginning.

During the testimony, the hearing committee repeatedly questioned Chew about how often he met with the Chinese Communist Party.

Along with this, Project Texas questioned whether they could work against the policy of providing data whenever requested by every company in China. Tony Cardenas of America’s governing body said that Tiktok is a Chinese company ? He asked directly that. In response, Chew said that Tiktok is a global company and its headquarters are in Singapore and Los Angeles.

Likewise, Florida Republican Neil Dunn asked Chew, ‘Has TikTok ever spied on American citizens? ?’ In response to the question, Chew replied that the company did not do any spying activities.

Children’s safety and mental health crisis

In the congressional discussion with Show Chiu, the security of Tiktok’s young users was also viewed with special importance. For the past few years, Tik Tok has become the most popular app among the young generation.

In the US, 67 percent of TikTok users are between the ages of 13 and 17, and 16 percent of young people say they use TikTok the most.

The parliamentarians said that the drug-related content on Tik Tok is spreading very alarmingly. Chew’s attention was drawn to the fact that the youth are able to purchase these drugs through Tiktok.

He was questioned as to whether it was right for children to buy drugs so openly. But Chew said that since the content violates TikTok’s policy, the app will delete the content if it is seen on the app.

We take this matter very seriously. Chew said. Chew also said that since this is a global problem, it is a big challenge, but Tiktok is working to prevent such posts from reaching as many viewers as possible.

Other Congressmen committed suicide on the platform, Questions were asked as to why the content related to eating disorder was kept. It was also discussed about the impact of such dangerous challenges on the mental health of Tik Tok app from time to time.

It was said that the parents of a teenager who committed suicide by watching suicide content on Tik Tok were also present. Taking his example, the MPs suggested that they should be more careful to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Ban on TikTok Good to wear

The US federal government has already banned TikTok on government devices. Along with this, the Biden government has also been warning about banning TikTok on all devices nationwide. but, After the discussion with the CEO of Ticket in the US Congress, the aspect of banning the app is still confused.

In the statement taken before the ban, regardless of what CEO Chew said, administration officials claimed that TikTok could be misused by the Chinese Communist Party.

Because there is a rule that Chinese companies must provide any data when requested by the Chinese government, they concluded that they do not believe in Chew’s statement. Therefore, the parliamentarians present in the statement emphasized that the above-mentioned will be the banning of Tiktok.

over here, It is still not easy to ban Tiktok nationwide in America. Earlier, the US court ordered that the Trump administration should not ban TikTok because it would hinder free speech.

Also, since there are 15 million users of Tik Tok in the US alone, the US government often has problems banning the app.

Millions of US users are against the TikTok ban. Fight for the Future, Civil liberties, including the Center for Democracy and Technology and the American Civil Liberties Union, A coalition of privacy and security groups has written a letter opposing the ban, arguing that it violates the constitutional right to free speech.

They have given a strong warning saying that the ban on Tik Tok will also cause a big blow to the freedom of speech in the digital space. With the help of agencies

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